Fenix Signalling is a professional engineering consultancy bringing expertise to the signalling industry throughout the UK and worldwide.

Fenix Global

Who we are:

Fenix Global is our international partner company, enabling us to offer a fully joined-up signalling service for projects all over the world.

We provide technical rail signalling sector services for clients throughout the world, with projects completed in Australasia, Europe and South East Asia. Our service includes:

  • the development of signalling system requirements based on owner/operator requirements;
  • the development of implementation methodologies for system rollout;
  • and technical signalling support in design and engineer training.

We are privileged to have some of the most experienced signalling professionals working for us. Managing Director Craig Purcell has well over 25 years’ experience on UK and international rail signalling projects, with a commitment to safeguarding client interests and delivering collaborative, strategic solutions. He has held a variety of roles including CRE, project engineering, designing and testing.

Eddie Murphy’s wealth of experience spans over 25 years in the industry, both in the UK and at a number of worldwide destinations, focusing on project management during the last 10 years.

Beginning his working life in the British Army, he then worked for British Rail for 4 years and subsequently Bombardier, following privatisation. He later spent 16 year working exclusively overseas. Two of Eddie’s career highlights came during this period. The first was when he was offered the chance to go to Sydney. He seized the opportunity and spent the next year and a half working on the light railway project. More recently, he was proud to be part of the team which delivered the Mumbai Monorail – the first modern railway of its kind in India, which opened in 2014.


From our Warwickshire headquarters, and together with our strategic partners Pintsch Tiefenbach and Global Rail, Fenix Global delivers professional, multi-disciplinary rail signalling services:

  • System Definition
  • System Requirements
  • System (Scheme) Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction / Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Signal Sighting
  • Turnkey Signalling Solution

Pintsch Tiefenbach, based in Sprockhövel in Germany, is a company which provides depot signalling and control systems. Fenix has developed a partnership over a number of months, sending engineers from Warwickshire to Germany to become familiar with and understand the systems involved. Since then, success has been achieved at Banbury depot, where Fenix and Pintsch Tiefenbach delivered GRIP 4-8 works for an innovative and cost-efficient signalling control system.

Capability Statement

Who We Are:

Fenix Global Ltd, a sister company to Fenix Signalling, offers a wide spectrum of signalling design, installation, testing, commissioning and consultancy services worldwide.

Our Mission to deliver a turnkey signalling solution which is safe, cost effective and non-disruptive through knowledge, experience and collaboration to our international clients has always been priority.

Though UK-based, we have considerable international experience, having worked on tenders and projects in more than fifteen countries worldwide including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Fenix Global delivers turnkey solutions for the railway industry from project definition/scope requirements through to detailed signalling design, procurement of signalling equipment, signalling installation, testing and commissioning.

Fenix Global has the capability and experience to support the sponsor from a multidisciplinary approach with the ability to provide independent review and checking of client scope and the requirements of the sponsor, thus providing an independent engineering prospective on behalf of the client whilst protecting all interests.

Given the investment that South East Asia is making in its railway infrastructure, our clients have recognised the opportunity for Fenix Signalling to assist with the railway signalling elements of railway engineering projects as well as providing training and/or mentoring.

As an example these works could include:

  • Pre-project – definition of signalling system requirements including standards;
  • Project – managing the implementation of the signalling system; and
  • Post-project – managing handback, O&M training, reviewing and monitoring reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

In addition to our UK-based team, we are finalising working agreements with a local company based in Malaysia and also one in Thailand, that can provide local and immediate support as/when required.
Fenix Global provides consultancy services and railway signalling training for both signalling engineers and non-signalling engineers. Here our consultancy services are tailored to support organisations/companies with no or limited signalling engineering experience, for example large civil engineering companies whose railway civil engineering projects have a component/ interface to the signalling system(s).  In a similar vein, we provide a regular review of standards service to non-signalling railway engineering companies on the impact on their business/projects of changes to signalling standards.

The signalling training for non-signalling engineers is designed for railway civil engineering managers/supervisors (for example), whose work comes into contact with signalling systems, to enable them to understand and manage the interface more effectively. We find this training adds value particularly when bidding for railway works as there are usually signalling elements within project scope that are not obvious when first presented to the untrained eye.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • System Definition
  • System Requirements
  • System (Scheme) Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction/Installation
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Signal Sighting
  • Turnkey Signalling Solution

Implementation (Construction and Installation):

  • Materials receipt and delivery to site
  • Management/supervision of factory assembly and pre-wiring
  • Management/supervision of site construction and installation
  • System verification and validation

System Requirements and Architecture:

  • Condition survey and correlation reports
  • Outline Project Specification (OPS)
  • Signalling Scheme Plan
  • Draft Control Tables and Route Lists
  • Detail of control and interlocking assumptions
  • Identification of non-compliances and ways to manage them.
  • Option Selection Report
  • Scheme Plan risk assessment
  • Signal Sighting chair, forms, sighting and reports
  • Signal spacing charts and calculations
  • Testing and Commissioning Strategy
  • System Design Reviews

Detailed Design:

  • Correlation of equipment and wiring
  • Signalling Design Specification
  • Fringeworks Specifications
  • Stage Plans
  • HAZID (signalling system only)
  • Signal Sighting forms, sighting and reports
  • Location Area Plans
  • Bonding Plans
  • Cable Plans (Main and Detailed)
  • Control Tables/Mechanical Locking Charts
  • Relay Interlocking (Free-Wired and Geographical) Relay Room / Location Case Circuit Design
  • SSI/CBI Application Data and associated architecture/circuit design
  • SCC/Panel Modifications
  • Detailed Signalling Design
  • ATP and TPWS Design
  • Axle Counter Design
  • System Integration
  • Bill of Materials
  • As-Built Records

Integration Test and Verification:

  • Management of pre-testing – Mod 1 Tester in Charge
  • Mod 2 Principles Testing for RRI and CBI systems
  • Mod 3B Function Testing – Interlocking
  • Mod 3C Verification Testing – Interlocking
  • Mod 4 Function Testing – Wayside Equipment
  • Mod 5 Test Assistant

System Hand-back/O&M Training and Project Close out:

  • As-built records
  • O&M Manuals
  • O&M Training
  • Commercial and technical project close-out





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Contact us:

e: natalie.hermer@fenixgloballtd.com
t: 3300 580180